Competiton Guidelines​

The below The below guidelines and procedures have been prepared by LOC of Frenstat together with relevant Health Authorities of the Czech Republic.
Currently, Czech regulations allow for outdoor events with participation of up to 500 people.
However, the LOC of Frenstat decided to carry out the event with no spectators.
The list of low/high risk countries is updated by national authorities every Monday - next update will be provided by LOC on Monday 10th August.
National Health Authorities rules apply.

Arrival to the Czech Republic
Citizens of most EU countries, also Norway and Japan can enter Czech Republic without compulsory PCR test or quarantine, provided they have not stayed foe more than 12 hours withing the last 14 days in any of the high risk countries, otherwise they also require a negative PCR test result not older than 4 days. From 3rd August 2020 citizens of Romania require a negative PCR test result not older than 4 days in all cases.
In case a given nation’s/team’s situation changes, they will be informed accordingly. Individuals with positive PCR test result shall not be accredited at the event.


GENERAL RECOMMENDATIONS for athletes, teams members and organizers
All event participants are obliged to wear respiratory protection/face mask/nose and mouth cover throughout the event!

Social distance and personal hygiene rules must be observed - hand washing and sanitising. In case of infectious disease symptoms (cough, running nose, sore throat, breathing difficulties, fever, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea) an isolation is required in own hotel room. LOC Covid-19 Coordinator
M.D. Katerina Kyselová
(mobile: +420 733 594 712) must be notified immediately.
Participants with symptoms of acute infectious disease will not be admitted to the competition venue.


In order to minimize contacts with strangers/outsiders the OC of Frenstat recommends using own transportation; for teams flying into Czech Republic OC suggest car rental from airport to site (at LOC expense).

In case LOC transportation is provided, each vehicle will be used by one team at a time with mandatory hand sanitising, face covering by both team and driver. Vehicles will be sanitised if used by different
Given the current epidemiological situation and the smooth running of our sporting event, it is advisable to participants to limit their movement to the venue (hill) and accommodation.

Teams shall be accommodated at 2 different hotels
Bartos hotel – exclusively for event (FIS, S-T, teams travelling by plane)
Tatra hotel - teams shall be accommodated at same floor, TBC
Meals at hotels shall be served in a separate designated room, no buffet, meals served at table.

Catering at the hill
Pre-packed food will be delivered to each team individually.

All accredited individuals must submit completed and signed FIS questionnaire with additional data requested Health Authorities of the Czech Republic


Team area
During the entire event each team will have at their disposal a fenced container and service area, which shall all be cleaned and disinfected regularly.

Access to start area
Hand sanitising before entering staircase; social distancing, disposable face masks will be provided by LOC to all athletes.

Exit gate
Disposable face masks made available to all athletes, hand sanitising, social distancing.
Leader board and benches as usual, benches cleaned up and disinfected each round.


Only for athletes, team members, FIS and OC members.
Only 1 person per seat, hand sanitising before and after use.
Equipment control start and after jump
Hand sanitising, face protection.
Limit the number of LOC personnel involved.

Coaches’ stand
Social distancing, face protection, hand sanitising.

Media, TV
No live broadcast. TV summary recording.
A short report with camera plan required prior to competition by TV crew.
Limited number of journalist (up to 30 pax.), limited access to media centre (max. 10 people at the time).
Press tent with electricity and internet will be set up by the lift side of the hill.

Mixed zone
TV/Radio/Press with social distancing, face protection.
Press conference in form of “hero interview” right after ceremony on the podium (separate microphone
prepared for each athlete, social distancing).
Podium photo shooting - without face masks, distancing of top-3

No spectators admitted.
Around 60 invited guests – VIP sector (tribune and catering) – with no access to teams and sport areas,
opposite side to exit gate

Online entry process managed with ST-Sport service and FIS
TCM (Pdf version) PPT presentation for teams
TCM with one coach/official per team and social distancing.

Covid-19 information
LOC Covid-19 Coordinator
Katerina Kyselova, M.D.
Mobile: +420 733 594 712

RT-PCR test
Shall teams/officials require RT-PCR tests to return to their own country/next destination, the LOC of Frenstat will make those available on Friday morning (14th August) at the price 1,600 CZK (approx. 60 €) including the certificate. Requests must be made in advance by E-mail or SMS.

Local internet application for Covid-19 contacts 

Time schedule of the Jiri Raska Memorial Competition

Friday 14.8.2020

Ladies Grand prix 

10:00     TCM     

15:00     Official training – 2 rounds


Saturday 15.8.2020

Ladies Grand prix 

9:00       Trial round

10:00     Opening ceremony

10:30    Ladies World cup competition - HS 106